Pets Mobility

PetsMobility™ is the organization other corporation’s turn to when entering the pet vertical. Our suite of products appeal to a wide variety people who have one thing in common, they love pets.

On4 Communications is the corporate umbrella for a variety of industry focused products and services and owns PetsMobility, Pet LifeLine, Petsmo, Ruff Media as well as other technology related but non pet focused companies and brands.

As a mobile wireless Location Based Services (LBS) provider we also offer a suite of complimentary services to telecoms, consumers and the enterprise segments. Together we are capable of delivering comprehensive, horizontal solutions that can be tailored to address a wide range of vertical markets.

Three specific vertical industry segments are a) the pet market – PetsMobility b) child/teen market – KidsMobility™ and c) the medical market – MedicMobility™ which can incorporate Traxmo™ – GPS Tracking Software. The On4 LBS platform is comprised of three core components: GPS device management, LBS capabilities and cross channel push/pull broadcasting of proprietary and non-proprietary content and address Safety – Location Based Services (LBS), Identification and recovery, Protection and Communication, Community Networking – Online forums, Membership and Newsletters.

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